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When family matters need legal intervention, it’s time to call Shoaf and Wencker. We are family law attorneys located near Centre County, PA. We can help you in all aspects of family law. Whether you need a divorce and don’t know where to start, or are in a child custody battle with your former spouse, it is important to call us right away. We focus in divorce cases, child support  and child custody cases, and more. If you are having spousal or marital issues that involve the intervention of the court or require a legal proceeding, let Shoaf and Wencker show you the care and support your family needs.

Looking for a discreet family law attorney or divorce attorney? A divorce attorney you can rely on to get the job done? Count on Shoaf and Wencker.

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We proudly serve the following cities (and more) in Centre County, PA:

Divorce Attorney

At Shoaf and Wencker, we understand that not all marriages are happily ever after. People drift apart, goals change, and ultimately, many couples are left with the decision to split up. Whether or not this decision was mutual, it is important to start processing your divorce properly. As your family law attorney and divorce attorney, we will help ease the burden of divorce, and assure that both parties of the agreement feel fulfilled in the separation. We have seen many cases in our years as family law attorneys, and have gone through a whole rainbow of divorces, all with different needs, sticking points, and goals. A good divorce attorney is hard to come by, but look no further than us. As your divorce attorney, we are here to help you get what is due to you at the end of your marriage. Whether you did or did not have a prenuptial agreement, need help dividing assets, or have concerns about child custody and child support, we will be there every step of the way. Put your divorce proceedings in the hands of a family law attorney you can trust. Trust Shoaf and Wencker as your divorce attorney.
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Shoaf and Wencker have successfully argued for child support in a multitude of cases. As well-vetted practicing family law attorneys, our combined experiences to help with your legal needs are incomparable. Look no further than us to ensure your family receives the monthly support needed.

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We stop at nothing to make sure the outcome of your child custody battle falls in your favor.

Need help from a divorce attorney in Centre County, PA?
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Don’t just take it from us, take it from one of our clients, Michael Franks:

“Erica and Chris are phenomenal lawyers that helped me with my custody case! Thru answered every question and concern I had. Extremely professional! I would recommend them a 1000 times over!”

Michael Franks, Google Review

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