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Your team at Shoaf and Wencker understands that not everybody’s records are squeaky clean. Many corporate and government jobs require us to have made no mistakes in our past. The trouble is, nobody is perfect. The PA expungement process can be arduous, which is why you need seasoned expungement lawyers on your side. Shoaf and Wencker is here to help in Bellefonte, PA and the surrounding areas. Often, charges on your criminal record can be disputed and cleared from your background with the right resources. We have extensive knowledge of the Pennsylvania expungement process.

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As expungement lawyers, we offer our professional services in the following cities and counties:

Lawyer Criminal Records

If you have a criminal record in Bellefonte, PA and are trying to clear your background in order to start fresh, Shoaf and Wencker can help as your expungement lawyer. We will help you minimize the time it takes to expunge your record and help you get a new start. Our team can assist with the following: working as expungement lawyers, security clearance attorneys, doing criminal record clearing, and more. As your lawyer, criminal record clearing is something we take very seriously. We can help you with the PA expungement process. The PA expungement process can take even longer if you don’t know how to navigate it. Let’s go through the PA expungement process below.

If you need the help of professional expungement lawyers in Bellefonte, PA, Shoaf and Wencker can help you today!

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