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If you are facing criminal charges, it is important to know your rights and what to do to obtain the best possible outcome for yourself.  Shoaf and Wencker, a criminal defense attorney working in the Hollidaysburg, PA area, has the experience  needed to guide you through your criminal charges and court appearances.  Not having proper representation in court when facing criminal charges could hurt you in the long run. Don’t misstep by choosing  an inexperienced lawyer or try to go it alone. Call for the aid of Shoaf and Wencker as your criminal defense attorney, and secure the best possible result.

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DUI Lawyer

DUI charges are a hard pill to swallow. When you get a DUI charge, there is the threat of having your license revoked or suspended, making transportation difficult to navigate, and the potential of losing your job. Serious consequences lie ahead of you if you do not get the proper DUI lawyer to represent you. Any criminal defense attorney won’t do. Get the best, most trusted DUI lawyer around. Get Shoaf and Wencker. As your DUI lawyer, we will carefully examine your case and prospects for the best outcome. As we have countless times in the past, as a DUI lawyer, we will help reduce probation, minimize or avoid jail time, and take every step to lighten the impact on your record. Call today!

As we said before, everybody makes mistakes. All people’s lives and circumstances are not equal. Whether it is right or wrong, we understand the various reasons as to why somebody would be driven towards theft. The search for theft lawyers near you may yield less compassionate results. Don’t just look for a theft lawyer, get the best theft lawyer near you. Get Shoaf and Wencker. Any other theft lawyer would simply go through the motions of a criminal case without care. As your criminal defense attorney, we care. Trust in us to represent you and you’ll receive fair treatment throughout your court proceedings.
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