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In the eyes of many owners, animals are as important as people. However, animals are property in the eyes of the law. If you have been in an incident involving an animal, it’s important to seek the help of a professional animal lawyer. Shoaf and Wencker have experienced pet custody lawyers, pet injury lawyers, and dog bite lawyers. We live and breathe animal law. We stay up to date with the law on dog bites, veterinarian malpractice and negligence issues, and local animal law. If you are located in Mifflin County, PA, or the surrounding counties, we can help you with the following:

  • Custody disputes
  • Dog bites
  • Injured pets
  • Leash law violations
  • Veterinary malpractice
  • And more

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Animal law is not necessarily a practice area on its own, as if refers to special issues that arise whenever a case involves an animal. As an animal lawyer, Shoaf and Wencker, know that much of animal law comes from property law.

Law on Dog Bites

The Pennsylvania law on dog bites is handled by both state statutes and case-by-case law. In Pennsylvania, the dog owner is liable for all damages done by their dog. If you have a case for an animal lawyer that you feel the law on dog bites may not apply to, it’s important to bring as much hard evidence as possible to plead your side.  If you are a dog owner in the process of litigation for an alleged attack by your animal, you basically have two defenses that uphold in court:
  • Trespassing
  • Provocation
The best animal lawyers will cover a list of questions, some involving:
  • Was your dog on a leash?
  • Was your dog on your property when the alleged attack occurred?
  • Did your dog attack because it was provoked?
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Dog Bite Lawyer

As your dog bite lawyer and animal lawyer, it is important to make you aware of Pennsylvania’s Dangerous Dog Laws. Do you know what constitutes a dangerous dog? A dog is “dangerous” in the eyes of the law if:
  • The dog has hurt or injured somebody without being provoked on private or public property
  • The dog has been used in criminal activity or aid in committing a crime
  • Death or injury to a domestic animal has occurred without provocation because of the dog in question (this is while said dog is not on the owner’s property)
  • The dog has attacked a person without being provoked
As a dog bite lawyer should know, not all dogs need to be deemed dangerous to be held liable for damages. You, unfortunately, may have a dog that is a “dangerous breed” or has a history of aggression. Therefore, it’s important to understand all aspects of the law on dog bites, and how you can set your animal up for success in the court. A dog bite lawyer like Shoaf and Wencker is good to have on your side.
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